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Why join MESD ?


Joining MESD is:

  • Being part of the international academical community suggesting sustainable issues to multinationals.
  • Supporting the mission of MESD
  • Benefiting from the services and advantages of membership


The benefits of membership:

  • Receive news from MESD to be informed of the community's news
  • Preferential tariffs on activities (participating to conferences, purchasing of publications...)
  • Access to an account on the MESD website
  • Access to content reserved for members
  • Participate for free or at preferential rates in different events organized by MESD


Contents and resources reserved for members:

  • Access to online directory, with contact details of MESD members
  • Access to papers presented at events (PPT, PDF ... )
  • Access to various audio or video documents


Activities and services for doctoral students:

Many services and activities are offered to graduate students, including:

  • A membership fee reduced from the standard price (-50%)
  • A privileged access to MESD conferences
  • A thesis prize

Joining MESD can build a professional network that facilitates future professional integration.