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Hosting our future conferences


Download the Call for Hosting

Here is an open call for expressions of interest from parties who wish to host the next MESD international conference.

If you are interested, please present your project, with the sub-title of the conference, in a few pages, explaining the general concept, giving information about the organizing team, possible space, program outline, organizational aspects, a preliminary budget, possible funding sources, structure of the conference, potential plenary speakers, and any other information relevant.

There is now a significant momentum comprising of academic and social, around the central idea of sustainable development. Keeping this central theme in mind, MESD Association has organized three conferences in the recent past in Atlanta, Nancy and Delhi . Each of these conferences has contributed significantly to advance the scientific discussion around sustainable development, and to engage the stakeholders in a continuous interaction and exchange .

Given this momentum, MESD wishes to facilitate, plan and organize the Fourth International Conference. We wish to develop a clear identity and philosophy for the MESD International Conference as a regular and recognizable event where scholars, civil society and practitioners come together to update each other on their sustainable development-related research and activities.

The MESD Association is willing to work with the successful academic institution to create a strong branded presence of the school's offerings at our conference; this may take the form of a workshop, a recruiting event, portfolio reviews, or other unique events intended to connect the university with the attendees in a meaningful way.

Hosting the MESD'17 Conference will bring the world's scholars and researcher in sustainability community to you. It also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your local talents to the world, through this conference.