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MESD's mission is to share, advice and spread scientific knowledge on busines' strategies for sustainable development.


MESD aims to facilitate the interactions and collaborations between researchers, teachers and organizations to share with enterprises the best solutions for a sustainable development:

  • MESD drives the community of researchers for sustainable development and strategic choices of enterprise,
  • MESD promotes relationships in its community and other fields such as art and creativity,
  • MESD fosters the diversity of theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches.


Through conferences on various topics, MESD always mentions the subject of businesses' strategies and sustainable de velopment. International professors and researchers propose their solutions by presenting their research work, in order to advise multinationals.

MESD assists its international faculty and researchers. MESD supports international faculty and facilitates their international visibility by :

  • providing publication medium,
  • encouraging publications in English language, and,
  • putting processes in place to identify future most important topics of research in the international context.

MESD connects enterprises with academic researches on sustainable development. Given the global economic environment in constant evolution, and increasing competition between companies, strategic choices for sustainable development is a key of differentiation for multinationals. Thus, strengthening synergies between academic community and business is now a possible way to exchange ideas and solutions. Therefore MESD oriented businesses within academic knowledge in terms of business strategies for sustainable development. MESD manages dialogue between teachers, researchers-scholars and managers for a cross-fertilization around key issues for the future of sustainable development.